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How To Generate Authentication Key For Bulk SMS API

MsgClub provides an authentication key to their clients to use API for all kinds of services. Our powerful and unique auth key helps them to integrate our bulk SMS API into their own software, website or application. But do you know from where you will generate this key on our system? Let find out its simple steps:

  • First, sign in to your MsgClub panel account.
  • Move your cursor on the developer tool to find our different APIs.
  • At the top of the right corner, you will see an option of Authentication Key just click it for more.
  • One new window will open where your generated keys will be shown. For new auth key-click Generate Auth Key button from the top.
  • On the popup window name your auth key for identification and then generate it. A unique authentication key for our bulk SMS API will be generated immediately and you must copied it for further integration on your own software.

Moreover, on our interface you can generate multiple auth keys for your account and name them, this can be helpful when you are using the same account for 2 or more websites/software and even you can enable/disable or set as default any of the generated keys if required.